The Salisbury Hub

If you're local to Salisbury and want a central recycling hub, The Phoenix Emporium is an ideal drop point for our recycling schemes.

The Phoenix Emporium, 115 Tollgate Rd, Salisbury SP1 2JG has free parking and an on-site cafe. Scroll down to view the map. 

Here you can drop;

- Crisp Packets

- Nuts, Pretzels, Pork Scratchings & Popcorn Packaging

- Original Pringles Tubes (excluding lids)

- Biscuits and Cake Wrappers

- Bread Bags, Crumpets, Pittas, Bagels and Bakery Trays

- Original Taylors of Harrogate Coffee Packaging

- L.O.L Surprise

- Marigolds & Spontex 

- Kinder Packaging

- Oral Care 

- Confectionery Wrappers

- Hand Wash Pumps and Refill Pouches

- Make Up and Beauty Packaging

- Home Hygiene Packaging

- Ferrero Rocher (excluding paper cup and cardboard packaging)

- Pens, Felt Tips, Markers, Correction Fluid Pens/Pots and Mechanical Pencils

- Medicine Blister Packaging (These are supporting Isobel Beaven, a local recycler, who is recycling with ReWorked and saving the blister packs from landfill. These will not contribute towards Wiltshire Air Ambulance!)

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